Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Other Qualifications / Credit Transfer

CCIC recognises Australian Qualification Framework qualifications and Statements of Attainment which are issued by any other Registered Training Organisation.  Students may be entitled to a credit transfer in the following circumstances:

  • Completed units of competency from a relevant National Training Package.
  • Approved units of competency from a National Training Product.
  • Successful RPL application.

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) & Recognised Current Competence

Learners who have completed appropriate training or who through prior learning and experience have gained the required skills/competencies stipulated for the modules of the course may be granted credit upon substantiation of that claim. Students may make an application on request.  CCIC advises all applicants of RPL opportunities and procedures on enrolment. The performance criteria of the course module sets the RPL benchmarks.

Evidence for credit of prior learning may include:

  • evidence of current competence;
  • performance, demonstration, or skills test;
  • workplace or other pertinent observation;
  • oral presentation;
  • portfolio, logbook, task book, projects or assignments;
  • written presentation;
  • interview;
  • simulations.

There are a number of stages in an RPL claim.

1. Information stage;

2. Initial support & counselling stage;

3. Application stage;

4. Assessment stage;

5. Post-assessment guidance stage;

6. Certification stage.

7. A candidate may appeal an unsuccessful claim. (See Complaints & Appeals Policy.)

RPL is managed by qualified staff. A candidate may receive recognition for all competencies required for the course module or recognition of high standing. High standing recognition indicates that some but not all competencies for the course module have been attained. The benchmarks for RPL are the learning outcomes of the module.

Candidates are charged a fee of $50.00 per unit when making application for RPL assessment.

Evidence considered for assessment is the Application Form plus a wide range of supporting evidence. Initial assessments are conducted with candidates self assessing against the learning outcomes of the modules. Assessments are evaluated by the Training Manager or a panel consisting of a course/subject expert and the Training Manager.

If further evidence is required then this is negotiated with the candidate. The process may take any practical form consistent with the assessment criteria for the claimed competencies and the principles of validity, reliability, fairness and flexibility. It may include a further interview, written assignment, workplace assessment or collection of other material. Assessment must be conducted by a qualified assessor.

The RPL applicant is advised promptly of the RPL outcome. If the application is not successful, the reasons are given and unsuccessful applicants are advised of the appeal mechanisms. “Top up” learning options prior to a second assessment will be suggested. “Competent” is recorded on the student’s record if recognition is granted.

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