Resources/Equipment & Workplace arrangements


Learners are required to have:

  • Personal computer
  • Microsoft Office/iWork software
  •  IT skills to complete/edit templates, create presentations, conduct internet research, develop learning resources.
  • Internet access for research, accessing and downloading documentation and uploading assessments.


Workplace Arrangements

In order to complete part of your assessment for this course you will need to have access to workplace policies and procedures, legislation, codes of practice, standards and guidelines and WHS documentation. You will also be expected to conduct some training and assessment in your workplace.

Therefore, it is recommended that you are employed in the industry in which you wish to train, so you can access your own workplace. If you are unable to access a workplace environment you can discuss your options with CCIC.

Where possible, for some students, and for some parts of assessment, CCIC may be able to provide a simulated environment, ie: training room with equipment/resources required.

This will be discussed in more detail at the information evening (Step 3 of Enrolment Process).

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